Why Embracing Your Inner Billie Eilish Is the Way to Go in the Post-COVID World

Love your healthy body and adorn it with what makes you feel most confident

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Even Billie Eilish has body image issues. Consider these two facts: she recently turned 19, and she’s thought to be very close to being “the biggest artist in the world”. You’d think that gives her the supreme confidence to break stereotypes and expectations and dress in whatever manner she feels like.

And yet, the singing sensation has revealed that her unconventional choice of dressing — mostly baggy clothing — stems from the insecurity of “never feeling desired.” If Billie Eilish needs more reason to feel secure in her own skin, you can’t be blamed for feeling the need to change outfits thrice before stepping out! But the good news is — global fashion trends for the post-COVID world predict a lot less fuss and a lot more practicality when it comes to dressing.

Months of working from home have already made people more comfortable with the idea of comfort dressing as opposed to power dressing. Athleisure was the fashion trend to watch during the lockdown. As people struggled to log in to work while also managing the responsibilities of running their homes, practicality trumped work-wear aesthetics. It’s only to be expected that when the world gets back on track after the biggest global crisis since World War II, there may be some permanent changes to the way humanity views fashion.

It’s inevitable that the world emerges from the crisis with an altered worldview. Economic depression, which is predicted to follow the months of standstill in trade and commerce, is bound to affect everyone’s choices and capacity to buy. Luxuries will make a very slow return to priority lists. While humankind comes to terms with the irrelevance of so much that was considered essential, the fashion industry will be one of the last to finish the race.

This is good news for two reasons: firstly, you’ll not feel the pressure to buy ill-fitting clothes you can barely afford just to keep up with the trends. Secondly, it gives you the chance to figure out what exactly you feel confident in, without thinking too much about whether it’s in fashion. Think minimalist designs meant to last. Think gender-neutral lines and flowing silhouettes. Think clothes that are meant to last beyond the season.

So here is what experts think is going to happen to the concept of dressing up in the days to come:

  • Fast fashion is going to take a back seat. No more mindless spending on clothes that won’t last. Not only is this good for the environment, there will also be less pressure on the over-strained and underpaid production units in developing countries. This might be the impetus the fashion industry has needed for a really long time, to bring in humane working conditions and reasonable pay for workers.
  • Quality, practicality and longevity will be the prime factors that go into manufacturing and buying trends in clothes. You get the chance to really think about what you’d like to hang out in, considering you’re going to be spending good money on clothes, not buying new clothes as often as you’re used to, and that what you buy is going to stay in your wardrobe for a really long time. Tight, cropped top or flowing non-fussy outfit? The choice seems pretty clear.
  • Move over, fashion influencers! What the world needs now is advice on practical matters like dealing with the after-effects of the meltdown. It will be a while before anyone wants to know the latest “must-buys” or see pretty young things in those “to-die-for” outfits. This itself could create a huge break in body image standards and allow the world to reevaluate why large sections of the population were made to feel unhappy about their bodies for so long!
  • Basic knowledge of sewing is likely to make a comeback as a necessary life skill in the post-COVID world, where you’d rather repair or alter something you own than throw it out. This means you could actually get to try out any unexplored creative skills you have in that area. Ever wondered what it would be like to design something for yourself? This may be your chance to find out!
  • Local, sustainable fashion is set to make huge leaps in the coming days. This could mean a more personalized clothing experience than picking something off the rack in a department store, the same as people your age and size are doing all over the world in stores of the same brand selling the same clothes.

Freeing the clothing industry from fashion trends means allowing more space for people to feel confident with their own bodies. Also, after all that the world has experienced in the past few months, it would be a shame for individuals to have to go back to worrying about things like body image.

There’s exactly one person on earth who is allowed to tell you what you ought to look like: your doctor. And this pertains to the ideal weight and measurements for your body depending on all the health indicators that doctors look at.

Don’t fret about any numbers beyond what the doctor prescribes for you. Love your healthy body and adorn it with what makes you feel most confident — and comfortable. It’s one of the perks of the post-COVID world.

I come from a land down under | Manners will take you where money won’t | HR Consultant | OHS Specialist | Personal Trainer

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