Why Embracing Your Inner Billie Eilish Is the Way to Go in the Post-COVID World

Love your healthy body and adorn it with what makes you feel most confident

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  • Quality, practicality and longevity will be the prime factors that go into manufacturing and buying trends in clothes. You get the chance to really think about what you’d like to hang out in, considering you’re going to be spending good money on clothes, not buying new clothes as often as you’re used to, and that what you buy is going to stay in your wardrobe for a really long time. Tight, cropped top or flowing non-fussy outfit? The choice seems pretty clear.
  • Move over, fashion influencers! What the world needs now is advice on practical matters like dealing with the after-effects of the meltdown. It will be a while before anyone wants to know the latest “must-buys” or see pretty young things in those “to-die-for” outfits. This itself could create a huge break in body image standards and allow the world to reevaluate why large sections of the population were made to feel unhappy about their bodies for so long!
  • Basic knowledge of sewing is likely to make a comeback as a necessary life skill in the post-COVID world, where you’d rather repair or alter something you own than throw it out. This means you could actually get to try out any unexplored creative skills you have in that area. Ever wondered what it would be like to design something for yourself? This may be your chance to find out!
  • Local, sustainable fashion is set to make huge leaps in the coming days. This could mean a more personalized clothing experience than picking something off the rack in a department store, the same as people your age and size are doing all over the world in stores of the same brand selling the same clothes.

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I come from a land down under | Manners will take you where money won’t | HR Consultant | OHS Specialist | Personal Trainer

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