The Only Opinion of You That Matters Is Your Own

What people think of you is none of your business

George J. Ziogas
3 min readMar 10, 2022


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A substantial number of people are caught in a self-inflicted trap trying desperately to please others. This takes away their true purpose in life with wasted efforts to keep up with what is expected of them. It’s not only sad but also limits their personal experiences to what third parties think.

Above everyone’s opinion, yours matters the most as it defines your scope as a person. This has a self-fulfilling effect when compared to making life decisions based on what others think is right for you. Relying on your opinion first gives you a self-concept which becomes your basis for confidence.

A self-concept puts everything into perspective with your character being in tune with your self-worth and the range of personal abilities that adequately equip you in your different endeavors in life. This is the best case scenario for a balanced individual but those who ride along with other people’s expectations clearly lack a handle on their lives.

Why Other People’s Opinions of You May Be Misleading

There’s no link whatsoever between people’s approval and your self-worth. Judgment brought forward by others lacks objectivity as most are’t aware of your experiences and background that has shaped you into the person you are. People will cover up their insecurities by judging others in order to feel better about their own situation.

According to psychology of human behavior, people will always single out different individuals to make allegations about and derive pleasure from this if their opinions take a toll on their victims.

Developing a strong coping mechanism and a support structure that starts with a strong perception of self makes derogative opinions mere nonsense to you. After all only you know your ambitions and the direction you intend your life to take as you are in absolute control.

Don’t be misled to seek other’s approval as it’s impossible to please everyone. Life isn’t a standardized experience for everybody hence the same techniques that work for one individual may devastate you with failure. Luckily, everyone has their own intuition and an…



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