So many well-known people are referenced in this article thanks Ben.

One I would’ve added is Phiona Mutesi, the Ugandan chess player you kindly introduced us to.

I’ll never forget the learnings from her amazing example:

  • “…she evolved and was able to transcend her limiting environment and create a more expansive and powerful environment. She was able to learn new and better rules, which led her to getting educated, making a living, and being able to pull her whole family out of the slums…She never forgot about the people she loved. She didn’t put herself above them. Yet she didn’t lower her standards in order to make her family feel comfortable. She lived her life to a much higher level and brought them up with her. She changed her own environment and then changed the environment of those she loved. She didn’t let where she came from stop her from where she was going.”

Blessings … 🙏

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I come from a land down under | Manners will take you where money won’t | HR Consultant | OHS Specialist | Personal Trainer

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