Numbers 5 and 31 are 👍

I’m not as gutsy as you Michelle et al, so I’ll share here:

1. My wife, best friend and soulmate

2. My loving parents and siblings

3. Knowing that I really mean something to someone

4. Being believed in

5. Practicing cultivating an attitude of gratitude daily

6. Really overt answers to prayer

7. The kindness of strangers

8. Anyone who can make me laugh with tears

9. New Zealand and its natural beauty, north and south islands

10. Any beach, but especially the one I grew up on, Austinmer beach (Google it if you like)

11. Boxing

12. Rugby League

13. AC/DC , Airbourne, Def Leppard, The Bee Gees, I can’t live without music period

14. Hot guitar-riffs

15. Anything by blues great Buddy Guy

16. That I’m better looking than my guitarist brother and knowing that it sh*ts him, LOL

17. When I finally find an apple with no fu**ing sticker on it

18. That my libido is still alive and kicking

19. Whoever invented lingerie

20. A full-bodied red wine, esp Shiraz and Merlot, daily (they say it’s good for your heart!)

21. The smell of bakeries

22. Getting goosebumps

23. The Sopranos series

24. Any movie Mark Wahlberg is in

25. Mila Kunis’s face (shhh, don’t tell my wife)

26. Plot twists you never saw coming

27. A movie adaptation that doesn’t suck ar*e

28. Me-time

29. Photos taken at exactly the right moment

30. Any stand up show by Louis C.K

31. Anything by Charles Bukowski

32. Campfires

33. Doritos and Tim Tams, in any order

34. A child’s ideas about the world

35. A fictional character that’s so well written you know them like a real person

36. The G-force of a plane on takeoff (my wife thinks I’m mental)

37. Black jelly beans

38. Musk Sticks, which always remind me of being a kid

39. Yoyo’s, we grew up with them

40. Professional Punters who make a living from their craft

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I come from a land down under | Manners will take you where money won’t | HR Consultant | OHS Specialist | Personal Trainer

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