How to Write Powerful Headlines for Your Online Content

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Seven Ways To Write Powerful Headlines

1.) The Working Title

Get started with a working title — a rough draft is the beginning point for everything including headlines. Don’t confuse yourself with topics and working titles. A topic is a general subject that could lead to a variety of different posts.

2.) Sexy Accuracy

Your headline needs to be a little bit sexy, but it also needs to be accurate. You can achieve both of these things. What it hinges on is understanding your audience. You can use strong language (even if it’s negative) and alliteration to create a sexy headline. You can also focus on who instead of what or why.

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3.) Optimized

This isn’t easy but do your best to optimize for both social media and search engines. It can be difficult. The keywords are critical so choose the keywords you know your target audience is actively searching for. When you have a keyword ready you can create a title around it, trying to have it near the beginning of the headline so it’s attention-grabbing.

4.) Numbers, Formulas, & Keywords

There’s something about numbers that makes for an attention-grabbing headline. If you want to make lists stand out, then use original words in your headline and write interesting content about secrets, reasons, tips, tricks, advice, lessons, ideas, ways, principles, facts, etc.

The Secret

The reason this works is that everyone loves to learn secrets, so when someone feels like they’re being let in on something that not everyone knows, they’re more than likely going to click on it to learn more. The secret for you is that you ensure your content is high-quality, so you don’t disappoint them once they do click.

How To

There are two different how to options.

  • How to (search SEO keywords) without (technical training). This is providing learning on how to achieve the desired result without much difficulty. Right now, there’s a gap between you and this thing, but once you read this article that obstacle will be removed.

5.) What You Need To Know

Engage readers by pushing them to learn more about this headline so they can fill in the gaps of their knowledge about a particular subject. What you need to know… about the newest Google AdWords update, etc.

6.) Do This Like…

There’s a final option, but this one should be used carefully. It’s when you use the name of a famous person/successful person to provide your article with credibility. You want people to think they can be as successful at something as this person can.

7.) Keywords & Adjectives

We touched on the importance of keywords, and it’s important to emphasize that they should feature throughout your article or blog as well as in the headline. The closer to the beginning of the headline the better.

Final Thoughts

While the content of your article or blog post is important, the headline is just as important. You can create a working title before writing your content, but you should always revisit the headline once you’ve finished the post. This allows you to make any tweaks necessary based on how your content unfolded.

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