Hey Dr. Walter Uneekego,

Thanks so much for sharing some of your current predicament and upcoming challenges around job hunting.

I’m hearing you loud and clear mate, the “benefits” of working for someone else have a lot of advantages with regards to accommodating a family-friendly lifestyle. Vacations are SO important — working in occupational health and safety I can’t emphasize that enough!

Please cut yourself some slack on the interviews — no one enjoys them I can assure you. I do have a brother though that loves talking about himself and could do so all day long — he just might be the exception 😆

You’re not obliged to clap or anything, but I shared a post a while back on job interviews. If you can extract just some inspiration, reassurance or encouragement from it, I’d be so happy for you.

Let me know how you go my friend, and my thoughts and best wishes are being sent your way.

I genuinely appreciate your kind feedback and compliments — I’m humbled.

Chin up, and keep the faith ….

Your mate Down Under,


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