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George J. Ziogas
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You may consider yourself a skillful writer but not realize that business writing is an art. Unlike academic work, where you write to please a tutor, your business writing must appeal to a different readership and will appear in various formats. Whether you write articles for your business website and email recipients or to inform clients about a new product, the following writing tips will help.

Write for your reader

Writing for your reader is about understanding their pain points. With empathy, you can create messages that resonate with them and promise to meet genuine needs.

One way to gain rapport with readers is to imagine their lives. How do you think their days unspool? What problems might they want to overcome? Write with your readership in mind, and you’ll create a connection.

Reduce jargon

Business writers sometimes imagine in-house terms and surplus language are helpful. It’s crucial to use the readers’ current vocabulary, though. Specialist diction only works if your emails, letters, and articles target recipients who use similar words. Otherwise, rather than impressing people, it confuses them. Simple language won’t upset or puzzle anyone, but jargon might.

Use brief paragraphs

Most readers skim. They love an easy-on-the-eye format that makes extracting vital points simple. Long paragraphs are a turnoff, and many people don’t read them. They scan for data at the top and bottom of articles or emails, and if they can’t find it fast, they quit struggling.

Readers like short paragraphs. One to three sentence sections are adequate in business writing, and over six may be too long. On the other hand, avoid overdoing it. Staccato writing with one single-sentence paragraph after another can be annoying to the reader.

Cut the warm-up

Maybe tutors praised you for easing into subjects when writing at college. Warming up your reader with a lengthy introduction was an acceptable way to tackle…



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