Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Advertising Copywriter ?

Innate qualities required for a successful career in copywriting

George J. Ziogas
4 min readJun 3, 2022



In the universe of professional writing, advertising copywriting (or simply copywriting, as industry professionals refer to it) is arguably one of the best-paying career options.

This is because copywriting is a specialized discipline that’s mostly concerned with informing consumer groups about products or services with the purpose of effecting sales.

Like most disciplines, copywriting requires some degree of training. But if you have certain innate qualities, you’ll find the learning curve less steep — and thoroughly enjoyable.

Is the idea of creating iconic, high-impact ads appealing to you? Would you like to make waves on the advertising circuit in the manner of such copywriting luminaries as Charles Saatchi, Indra Sinha, David Abbott, or Neil French?

Then browse the checklist below to see if you have what it takes to be a copywriter.

Do you have a passion for language?

Copywriting is about writing copy that sells a product or service. While you don’t have to scale literary heights, you must still have a love for words and enough command over the language to achieve your goals.

You’ll enhance your copywriting skills on the job, but at the entry level you must be a writer with demonstrable abilities.

Are you good at visualizing?

Most press advertisements contain words and pictures that work together to deliver a sales message. The accent on visuals is even stronger when it comes to scripting commercials.

In order to conceptualize an effective piece of communication, whether a press ad, a hoarding, or a television commercial, you’ll often have to think visually even before you put down a headline or craft a script.

Can you think in pictures?

Are you creative?

Would you describe yourself as a creative person? Do you enjoy the challenge of coming up with ideas or innovating solutions? Does your imagination often run wild?



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