All your articles are thought-provoking and on the money Kris Gage !

“Sex is about love. It’s about the capacity to mutually express physically what is emotionally present. Porn, like prostitution, is about auto-arousal, usually of a male. It celebrates male patriarchy and male domination. It’s a form of misogyny…

I don’t have a problem with the nude body as an object of beauty. No, I have a problem with a naked woman being f*cked by 30 men in a row while being slapped and called a slut and a bitch…My objection to porn, like prostitution, is that girls and women are dehumanized and objectified. They are drained of their humanity. That’s it.”

I highly recommend the book “Empire of Illusion” by Chris Hedges (quoted above).


Thanks again on a great piece!

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I come from a land down under | Manners will take you where money won’t | HR Consultant | OHS Specialist | Personal Trainer

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