5 Signs You’re a Truly Genuine Person

The hallmarks of genuine people and how you stack up

George J. Ziogas
3 min readMay 2, 2022



There’s a Native American saying that no one is nobody, everyone should be somebody, but some people are anybody. You probably know some “anybodies.” You know the type, they change the way that they walk, talk, dress, and maybe even think, based on who’s around.

But, do anybodies know that they’re anybodies? No one who’s somebody knows how to answer that. So, to make sure, here are five signs that you’re a genuine person — that is, a somebody.

1. You Tend to Be Confident

Most of the time, people who behave in non-genuine ways do so not because they want things from people — though that’s sometimes the case — but because they’re afraid of not fitting in. If you’re genuinely pretty confident in your own skin, chances are you never feel the need to be non-genuine. If you’re usually insecure, you might be an anybody.

So what’s an anybody to do? Be yourself. Not everyone is likely to like you but some people will. It’s easier and more comfortable to be yourself around your friends than to keep switching hats every time that you encounter a new group.

2. The Friends of Your Friends Are Friends

We opened with a Native American saying but there’s also a great French saying: “Les amis de nos amis sont amis.” It translates to “the friends of our friends are friends.” It speaks to the idea of an expanded social network, that you should be able to get along with people that your friends get along with.

But what if your friends don’t get along? If your friends tend to dislike one another, it could be a sign that not all of them are really your friends and maybe you haven’t been genuine with everyone. It’s possible that you’re just a likeable person but it could be a sign that you’re an anybody.

3. You Don’t Get along with Everyone

On a related note, not a lot of people get along with everyone. If you do get along with everyone, it could be that you aren’t the same person to everyone that you meet.



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