10 Ways to a Better You

Be a better you for you

George J. Ziogas
5 min readApr 24, 2022



Do you ever want to be a better version of yourself? Maybe it feels like it’s time to grow up a little bit or move on from a certain phase in your life. Maybe you’re just bored and ready for a new challenge. Whatever your circumstances, the following ten tips will help you level-up in any area of your life that you focus on.


Being present and mindful of your thoughts and actions can help you discover what you’re happy and unhappy with about yourself and your life. Feel the emotions that you have and form intentions about who you want to be and how you want to feel from now on. Mindfulness has been a popular practice as far back as time in many different cultures because it works.

The American Psychological Association finds that mindfulness can help focus, improve memory, cause you to become less reactive, and reduce stress, along with countless other physical and mental benefits. If you’re new to mindfulness there are apps and videos that can help teach you the basic principles and even take you through guided meditations for particular intentions.

Don’t Stop Learning

The more you learn, the more well-rounded you are as a person. There’s so much information out there and it’s easier now than it’s ever been to continue educating yourself on any topics that interest you. Being curious and searching for answers usually leads to even more questions and discoveries fueling the cycle of learning.

According to Piedmont.org, lifelong learning can give you motivation, keep you from becoming bored, improve your health, and ensure that you stay capable of change and growth.

Improve Skills

What are you good at? Discover your greatest skills and improve on them. Take a class or join a club to expand on your talents. Becoming better at something keeps you motivated and boosts your self-confidence. Set achievable goals for yourself and you’ll feel great when you meet and exceed them. You might even meet some friends with similar interests and values.

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