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When the world is scary, find comfort in the teachings of philosophers who knew how to handle a crisis

A photo of a sculpture of a man on a horse (presumably a Greek philosopher).
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We often think of philosophy as a bookish pursuit or perhaps as the lifestyle choice of bearded old men living ascetically in caves. But Stoicism — an ancient school of philosophy famously practiced by the likes of Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius — is for the real world, and as we face the coronavirus pandemic, its teachings feel distinctly relevant right now.

When the future is scary and we don’t know what’s next, we can find comfort in the wisdom of those before us, those who’ve endured famine, plague, and natural disasters. …

You can’t get back the time you spend worrying

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Have you ever said words to the effect of If only I knew then what I know now?

You’re not the first person to express such thoughts, and you certainly won’t be the last.

Many of us are convinced that if we could go back in time and have a chat with our 20-year old selves, then we could absolutely kill at adult-ing and beyond.

A lot of growth occurs in our 20s. Yet, at 20, we convince ourselves we know everything we need to know and we’re ready to nail it.

It does beg the question, though, what would…

Questions posed by companies like Tesla, Google and Amazon

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In my work as a HR consultant for the last fifteen years, and having sat in on hundreds of recruitment exercises, there are certain questions that you can expect frequently in job interviews. From talking about your skills and experience to explaining your strengths and weaknesses, there are many questions for which you can prepare answers in advance.

However, many companies like to test potential employees with unexpected and difficult questions. Some of these questions can seem completely bizarre but there’s always a logical reason behind asking them.

Here are seven examples of difficult and unusual questions that major companies…

“It’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not.” — Denis Waitley

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Albert Einstein, famously said: “the exaggerated esteem in which my lifework is held makes me very ill at ease. I feel compelled to think of myself as an involuntary swindler.”

Maya Angelou, humbly acknowledged: “I have written eleven books, but each time I think, ‘Uh oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody and they’re going to find me out.”

Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, openly admits: “There are still days when I wake up feeling like a fraud, not sure I should be where I am.”

The term imposter syndrome relates to…

The scientific underpinnings of this belief.

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The 2014 blockbuster Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, explored the fascinating concept of unlocking the vast untapped potential of the human mind. This was not the first time such an idea had been explored in film. It’s a science fiction trope that was also visited in the movie Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper, and the television series that followed. Both movies ask much the same provocative question: What would happen if you were able to unlock 100% of your brainpower? To ask this question, you must presume that humans do not already use their entire brain and all its…

Surround yourself with people who lift you up

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Family is important and friends are too. In fact, friends often become family and the best part is you can choose them. Your friends are people you trust. They are people you share your innermost thoughts and feelings with, the ones you plan with, rely on, uplift, have fun with, and talk through problems with.

In time, one or several of those friends will make their way into your inner circle. The closer you grow, the more you confide, and it’s important that you establish your non-negotiables early, lest you ruin your friendship!

The people you spend your time with…

“If you wish to be a writer, write.”― Epictetus

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Like any trade or skill, becoming a proficient writer takes time. It can happen naturally — writers learn from past mistakes and apply what they learned to their next piece. As days and weeks go by, your writing will have less fluff and be more to-the-point, and it may happen without you even thinking about it. If you’re looking for accelerated improvement and tangible day-to-day changes in your writing, here are a few valuable lessons I’ve learned after three years of full-time freelance writing, that I’d like to share with you.

A Second Pair of Eyes

No matter how good or bad your writing is…

“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” — J.C. Penney

Image: BullRun/Adobe Stock

If you love language and putting pen to paper (or keyboard to computer screen), life as a freelance writer could be for you. As a freelance writer, you can do what you love and make a good living doing it, but creating custom articles, blog posts and social media updates is only part of the job.

The other part of the freelance writing job is providing exceptional customer service, and without commitment to client satisfaction your new career may not be successful. If you want to wow every client, start by using these simple strategies.

Discuss Payment and Timing

As a professional writer, you…

For the one I love

Image supplied by author

“You don’t marry someone you can live with — you marry someone you cannot live without.” — Author Unknown

“You want diamonds on a ring of gold,” Bono croons in the romantic ballad “All I Want Is You,” “You say you’ll give me a highway with no one on it, treasure just to look upon it, all the riches in the night.” Bono’s response to these and other demands and promises in the song is simple but striking: “All I want is you.”

She wants him to give her the world, and offers just as much. …

“The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

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With yoga studios being an easy find in most American towns, it can be hard to imagine that there was a time, not long ago, when yoga and meditation were considered something for the long-haired, sandal-wearing truth-seekers of the world. People ran off to communes or were knee-deep in a mid-life crisis before they found themselves considering such a practice.

In fact, meditation sometimes even came with some controversy. Is meditation a religion? Do you have to be Buddhist to do it? Do you have to believe in God? …

George J. Ziogas

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